inner vessels and frames

Reservoirs, Vessels and Oil tanks

10 10Cenmia has broad experience in welding non-pressurized vessels and tanks, from small sizes as 10 liters to large, up to 40+ m3. Shape of the steel structures can be cylindrical or rectangular upon a request. Materials of the tanks can vary from painted carbon steel to different grades of stainless and acid-proof steel. We could make tank design that will fulfil your requirements and fit to your processes in the best manner.

Upon the request, we are capable to deliver tanks and vessels with thermal insulation.

All tanks and vessels pass leakage test prior to the delivery. On the request, other methods of non-destructive control of the welding seems could be organized.

36m3 Tank

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-ISO 9001:2015
-ISO 14001:2015
-ISO 45001:2018

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