Cenmia Oy represents Sawyer industrial Plastics in Finland.
 Sawyer Industrial Plastics has been supplying materials to the paper industry for over 40 years. In this time, it has have found viable solutions for many different areas of the Pulp and Paper Industry including the sections featured below.
 These areas of the Pulp and Paper Industry are so different there are multiple materials used to achieve the best results in each different application. Having multiple materials provides optimum performance. Making salable paper is the ultimate goal, and Sawyer expertise in this industry does just that.
 Where the supplied materials could be used:
 Wood Yard
 Chain Guides and Trough Liners made of materials ranging from Virgin UHMW, Filled UHMW and Regrind.
 Pulp Mill
 Polytron® materials are designed for high-wear applications. They are used for Valves, Gaskets, Seals, and Disks.
 Forming Section
 Water Deckles and Table Dewatering Elements use specialty UHMW materials from Virgin to various fillers.
 Press and Suction Pickup Section
 This area of the Paper machine uses Sawyer famous Polytron materials. We group all the components together as a Suction Roll Rebuild Kit. The Rebuild Kits include: Silencer, Seal Strip, Airload Tube Assembly, End Deckles, Side Packing and Springs.
 Dry End Section
 Spreader Bar and Spreader Shoes


Certified Quality Management System:
-ISO 9001:2015
-ISO 14001:2015
-ISO 45001:2018

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