Oil Lubrication Units

inner c Lube product line
C-Lube product line is a result of the long development and research process. Cenmia Oy has carefully evaluated all necessary technical aspects of the oil lubrication systems and thoroughly analyzed customer demands in this field. Based on the output of the research we have created standard product line of the oil lubrication systems.
As a result, C-Lube concept comprises all modern technologies together with optimized assembly principles in order to ensure reliable operation of the complete lubrication system and ease of its maintenance. Moreover, most of our standard solutions could be easily modified and adopted to specific customer’s requirements with minimal effort, affecting time and resources savings for the development process.
There are four standard product concepts in the C-Lube oil lubrication product line that could satisfy most of the customers’ needs:

Lubrication units (C-Lube LU)
2 2Important feature of the C-Lube lubrication units is, so called, “purifying area” between return and suction chambers in the oil tank. Special constructions in this area helps to utilize the whole volume of the tank in most efficient way and provide better results for elimination of mechanical impurities, water and air from the oil. Additionally, components installation principle has positive effect on the unit compactness and makes it easy to maintain.

Sump units (C-Lube SU)
02Wide range of the available standard sizes makes these compactly designed stations to be great support for the lubrication systems applications. Sump units utilizes basic concepts of the C-Lube lubrication units that makes them to be the best choice as intermediate pumping stations and return oil sump units in the industrial environment.

Control units (C-Lube CU)

Reliable and easy-to-operate control units utilize modern solutions and technologies. Our control units are designed specially to ensure stable and fault-free operation of the circulating oil lubrication systems. There are two main concepts that we provide as a standard solutions: PLC based control systems that are able to operate as a stand-alone units and basic control panels without PLC that intended to be connected directly to customers’ DCS.


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