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In order to provide our customers complete scope of supply of oil lubrication systems we are presenting our solution of oil flow meters C-Flow. C-Flow is a part of the C-Lube lubrication product line, which is focusing to increase the reliability and secure stable operation of customers’ applications.
There are two different types of the flow meter solutions available under the C-Flow name:


· Variable area flow meters
3 3C-Flow FO oil flowmeters solution is based on FO-OilFlow technology, developed by Flow Control Oy. Circulation lubrication meter’s comprises unique self-cleaning feature that ensures the flow tube indicator remains clean. The measuring technique is spring loaded and based on pressure difference. Thanks to spring loading the flow is constant and accurate. Flow levels are adjusted directly according to the flow tube scale removing the need for a conversion scale. In normal operation, floats are always on the same level regardless the flow rate. This makes it easier to monitor flow meters visually, i.e. just a look is enough to check the operation. Optional lower limit alarm ensures that circulation oil reaches all lubrication points.
There are several sizes of the C-Flow FO flowmeters are available in order to secure flow ranges from 0,05 l/min up to 100 l/min per one lubrication point.


· Oval gear meters
4 4C-Flow RF oil flowmeters solution is based on RealFlow technology. These modern oval gear flow meters are specially designed for measuring and monitoring in industrial environment. C-Flow RF unit measures and controls volumetric lubrication oil flow, as well as generating accurate real-time readings for monitoring systems e.g. oil monitoring panel, PLC or DCS systems. A pair of oval gears calculates the “real flow rate”. The measurement signal is an inductive pulse, which is wired to a PLC system. These pulses can also be seen as light pulses locally. In addition, lower flow rates result in only a few light pulses, whereas higher flow rates result in a greater number light pulses. The real-time flow reading, set point and alarm limits (lower and upper limits) are available for every measurement point.
C-Flow RF oil flow meters are available for the flow ranges from 0,05 l/min up to 60 l/min per lubrication point.
To obtain more information about each type of flow meters and their technical details, please check the brochures.

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