Air Dryers

Cenmia C DryAir Dryers (C-Lube C-Dry)

C-Dry air dryers is an air dehumidifier that is used to eliminate moisture and water from the circulation oil. Circulating lubricating oils may accumulate water through the bearing seals.

The Air space dryer intended for air drying inside the tank. The dry air absorbs the moisture contained in the oil itself. Thanks to this, the water is drained from the oil to the environment via air ventilation channels. Air dryer usage allows to go below 40° C without the                                               dew point.

Air dehumidifier in practice is maintenance-free device and could be easily installed on the existing system with minimum modifications. It requires only pressurized air supply and few connections on in the tank.

Certified Quality Management System:
-ISO 9001:2015
-ISO 14001:2015
-ISO 45001:2018

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