Valve Panels

inner hydraulic control panels

Valve panels and hydraulic manifolds
Hydraulic control panels and manifolds are intended to control movements and working cycles of the machines’ operating elements. Complete panel generally includes all main hydraulic components and equipment as manifold, valves, actuators,measuring devices, connection ports, etc. Hydraulic control panels might be assembled on the hydraulic unit or close to the functional element of the machine, depending on the particular application.

8 8Cenmia Oy delivers hydraulic panels that are designed and engineered to meet the complex demands of customers’ specifications. We could supply equipment in variations that would be the best suitable solution for target application and machine. Hydraulic control panels are designed using accurate 3-d modelling that ensures precise manufacturing and assembly, as it is drawn.

In our supplies, we are using standardized as well as special project-based designed and manufactured manifolds. We have own engineering resources that could implement appropriate hydraulic calculations and prepare all necessary drawings of the hydraulic blocks. In addition, we are able to manufacture customized cabinets and frames out of stainless and carbon steel, together with piping stands.

Our solutions meet and exceeds the international, national, local and corporate standards of operational excellence. This requires customizing the solution for each customer asset to ensure highest compliance. Utilizing complex FAT procedures on the modern testing bench, we ensure functional reliability of the equipment before delivery to the customers’ facility. Tested and ready-to-operate equipment deliveries helps to minimize commissioning time on-site.

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