Hydraulic Units

inner hydraulic power units

As a part of industrial automation, hydraulics requires deep knowledge, capability to understand technological processes, and manufacturing competency with high accuracy and personal responsibility in order to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Cenmia supplies hydraulic power units tailored to our customer’s needs utilizing tank's capacity from 10 to 40.000 litres, or in some special cases even more, with operating pressure up to 350 bars. We have engineering resources and own manufacturing facilities to implement demanding projects that requires design from scratch together with contract manufacturing that assumes responsible project management and reliable supply.

6 6We are able to provide tailor made units that fulfil even very special demand. No size nor shape is impossible for us. In-house steel constructions production helps us adapt changes and new mechanical assemblies fast and in respectful manner. We make our units mainly out of stainless steel or painted carbon steel.

Hydraulic power units supplied by Cenmia are successfully operating is such applications like, presses, calenders, reels, winders and many others. Besides of that, our specialists throughout decades have collected experience in design and manufacturing of hydraulic units as well as complete systems for heavy mobile lifting machinery and also for specific marine, metallurgy, power industry applications and testing equipment.

Quality, safety and performance are among our highest priorities. We are competent and technically equipped to provide our clients with the best, safest, bench-tested products. To ensure our customers demands and our high quality standards are met, FAT and other testing services are carried out utilizing most up-to-date bench-testing methods and equipment.

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Certified Quality Management System:
-ISO 9001:2015
-ISO 14001:2015
-ISO 45001:2018

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