Cenmia Oy is fully committed to minimizing impact on the environment. In favor of protecting the planet, ensuring availability of resources for future generations and creating a better quality of life for all living beings we are dedicated to integrating the best and most up-to-date sustainability practices in our decision-making, production, industrial services and overall business activities.
Our whole operation concept is focused to use only necessary amount of resources minimizing waste outputs of manufacturing processes. As a result, all projects are carefully designed and optimized from production point of view. We target to utilize best available practices of the environmental management in our business operations.
Moreover, Cenmia invest significant amount of resources for new products and business concepts development that will have less impact on the environment. We develop our solutions to be a friend to natural environment and humanity!

Certified Quality Management System:
-ISO 9001:2015
-ISO 14001:2015
-ISO 45001:2018

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