Oil lubrication units


Cenmia Oy designs and delivers oil circulating lubrication units to fulfill industrial demands in the best manner. Purpose of circulating lubrication unit is to circulate cooled and cleaned oil through lubrication points such as, bearings and gears. Circulation oil intended for cooling in order to remove heat, lubricating with the purpose to minimize friction, cleaning aimed to remove dirt and water to increase life cycle of the lubricating points and prevent its corrosion.

Our engineers have good experience in oil lubrication. We take care about all crucial issues already from the first stages of the project, making all necessary calculations and sizing of every component in the system to be supplied. It secures that systems supplied by Cenmia Oy provide all necessary conditions to ensure stable operations of the customers’ applications for many years ahead.

C-Lube lubrication product line

C-lube is a modern concept of the oil lubrication systems with improved functionality, which has been developed by Cenmia Oy based on our own research. Concept principles have been used to set up C-Lube lubrication product line that includes several standardized models of the lubrication units, with tank volumes from 60 liters up to 40 m3 and oil flow from 5 up to 2000 l/min.

C-lube LU oil lubrication units comprise special mechanical design of the oil tank, block layout of the main components, set of measuring devices, including oil quality control and auxiliary equipment to ensure reliable operation.

There are two main modification of the C-lube LU lubrication units, which describe mechanical constructions of the oil tank and assembly principles:

  • Light version

    Light modification of the unit has oil tank with set of intermediate walls, which separate return and suction chambers of the reservoir. Tank construction contains water collection area and draining channel for free water. Construction of the unit has optimized mechanical design in order to minimize production costs. Moreover, it has several variations of the main parts allocation (top or side -mounted, on separate base). Light version has preconditions to be modified to cassette version with increased efficiency (marking “LT” in the product code, for example: C-Lube LU 800LT).

  • Cassette version

    Cassette modification of the oil lubrication unit has increased operating efficiency in compare to traditional solutions and also light version of the unit. Return oil chamber is designed in such way to start oil rest process as soon as it reaches oil tank. Detachable cassettes installed in the central part of the oil tank, separating return and suction areas. Cassettes create additional chambers in order to increase efficient oil rest time by involving bigger oil flow in the efficient circulation. As a result, it allows decreasing the size of the oil tank and making whole unit assembly compact without sacrificing efficiency rate.

For more information about the oil lubrication units, please contact Cenmia Oy representative.