Pneumatic systems

Pneumatic systems

Pneumatic systems play significant role in industrial automation. Compressed air is widely used in industrial environment as actuating media to bring functional elements of the machines to movement. Well-designed pneumatic systems are capable to perform repetitive operations thousands times during a day without harm to the system reliability.

Cenmia Oy provides custom fabrication of pneumatic systems designed based on specific machine operating requirements intended to be used in industrial environment. We are able to provide the best possible technical solutions for our customers, supporting with engineering and commissioning services.

As a part of industrial fluid automation, pneumatics requires deep knowledge in the field and capability to understand technological processes in order to ensure its correct operation on site. Our wealth knowledge of manufacturing and assembly with high accuracy and personal responsibility ensures safe and reliable operation of supplied pneumatic systems.

We have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing of pneumatic systems. Utilizing deep knowledge of our specialists, we are capable to supply pneumatic systems not only limited with small assemblies, but also complex solutions combined with water and oil hydraulic technologies.

Cenmia Oy will be responsible one-stop supplier that will take care on complex projects involving pneumatics. Our specialists will provide full support beginning with study and design of the system and ending with start-up and supervision services.