Paying high attention to our customers’ needs, Cenmia Oy is able to deliver individual solutions to every customer. Scope of our deliveries cover large range of fluid automation products together with auxiliary mechanical and electrical assemblies, as well as various steel constructions. Our product portfolio includes standard solutions based on our own platforms and also project-based units and systems that could be designed and manufactured in accordance to customer specification and requirements.

Large range of supply allows us to deliver complete packages, like large-scale plants and complex functional systems. Moreover, in terms of project deliveries we are capable to deliver sub-systems, spare parts and additional necessary equipment that is out of our own product range. Such kind of deliveries allow our customers to obtain additional savings by avoiding smaller multi-channels supplies and downsize the area of responsibility, by limiting the amount of parties involved to the project.

Oil lubrication systems

Oil lubrication systems plays a significant role in every machine where friction forces exist. There are three main functions of the oil lubrication systems: lubricating in order to minimize frictions between moving surfaces, cooling in order to remove heat generated by power losses in lubrication area and removing impurities. Improperly engineered systems could cause a lack of one of these three functions that could create a risk of failure in the lubricating points operation, whether they are bearings or gears. Therefore, it is very important to make all calculations and system design properly at early stage to avoid any unnecessary shutdowns in the future.

We supply a full range of oil lubrication equipment, starting from small system elements like oil sump units, pumping stations, oil lubrication units, flowmeters and finishing with complete large-scale systems.

Hydraulic systems

Cenmia Oy provides custom fabrication of hydraulic systems including power units and different kind of hydraulic control systems based on our design. Besides of that we are happy to provide our knowledge and experience on the subcontracting terms as well. Independence from any specific brand gives us possibility to provide the best technical solution for our customers.

We are experts in hydraulic equipment and technological systems knowledge. Cenmia Oy is the one-stop hydraulics supplier with many years’ experience in hydraulic systems. We are able to design and manufacture the systems starting from your task and ending with installation and start-up services on field.

Auxiliary systems

There are many other systems in the scope of the technological equipment, which are necessary for its reliable operation. Some of them, like pneumatics, control systems, electrical cabinets could be auxiliary elements to hydraulics and oil lubrication; some of them like blowers and water units are stand-alone aggregates that has its own function. Cenmia Oy takes it in consideration and provides possibility for its customers to use the same supplier for these products in order to ensure effective intercommunication between the system elements and size the area of responsibility for our customers.

Our technical specialists could help to design mentioned below auxiliary systems, based on customers’ requirements. Meanwhile, production personnel will take care on assembly and testing of the ready products to ensure the delivery in the best manner.

Steel constructions

Cenmia Oy provides customized fabrication of different kind of steel structures like tanks, shells, bases and frames, but not limited with this scope. We are able to deliver the best possible solution to our customer taking advantage of our professional team including qualified engineers, production specialists, machine operators and welders.