Tank impact on the oil quality. C-Lube CS technology

What is the tank impact

Have you ever thought what is happening inside the oil tank of the hydraulic or oil lubrication system during the operation? Have you had a chance to see the process by your own eyes? Do you have a clue how the oil might look like?

Here we will show you an example of the oil inside the tank saturated with the air.

Why air? Because air might appear as a serious contaminant for the lubrication and hydraulic oils. Especially entrained air causes inappropriate functions of the fluid. It causes appearance of many negative effects, like cavitation erosion, increased oxidation, decreased thermal conductivity and such on. As a result, oil degradation and aging process is going much faster. In the meantime, negative effects are transferring to the functional equipment and, in general, to the factory machines.

There might be various sources of the air, starting from the essential features of the machines, continue with poor maintenance, and ending up with inappropriate design of the fluid automation systems. Therefore, Cenmia specialists always pay high attention for the design and engineering of the systems that are supplied to our customers.

Earlier we have built a test-bench. One of the main features of the bench is a possibility to create numerous initial conditions for the fluid and operational environment. It is constantly in use for research and development purposes. With its help we could test our findings and improve the technologies. We have made transparent walls to be able to follow-up the processes inside the tank visually.

Let us have a brief outlook on two tests related to oil saturation with the air. In both tests, we have used same pre-conditions for the air generation. On the left side of the picture (TEST A) we have implemented technology that is used in our C-Lube CS systems and on the right side (TEST B) traditional tank with intermediate walls is used.


We have kept the same dwell time in both tests. After certain period (when the operation is stabilized), you could visually see how constructions of the oil tank could effect on the fluid. C-Lube CS has significantly decreased air concentration in suction chamber, meanwhile in the traditional system most of the air has retained. At final end, oil compression test has shown that concentration of the air during tests A and B is not only visually different, but also numerically.

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